Social Prescribing

What is it?

Social prescribing, aka. ‘community referral’, is the way your GP or other care providers connect you to local services and non-clinical groups.  This aims for a personal approach to help with all aspects of your life.  The aim is to shift focus of care from illness to wellness.

Who is this for?

Everyone! All are welcome but especially people who are:

  • Feeling lonely
  • Frequent GP attendees
  • Suffering from Mental Health issues
  • Suffering from Chronic Illnesses

If you are currently feeling unwell or suffering from thoughts of suicide or self-harm, you should contact your GP as soon as possible.

What does it involve?

You will be referred to a ‘link worker’ who will have a chat with you around what your needs are.  They will link you to a local agencies or community groups for bespoke practical and emotional support, working with you from 6-12 weeks.

Local classes/sessions available include:

  • Coffee mornings
  • Advice groups
  • Walking groups
  • Football groups, etc

Your link worker will also be able to help with:

  • Housing
  • Money/debt advice (through Citizens Advice)
  • or just someone to listen

How do i get involved?

When you feel you need some help you can:

  • Ask your GP or other medical professional
  • Ask your social worker, job centre or local authority.

There are no costs to participants and in some cases funding can be provided

Social Prescribing information< click here for a leaflet on Social Prescribing