Temporary registration form

Temporary registration form (GMS3)

You can register as a temporary resident with a GP surgery for up to 3 months. This can be helpful if you're living away from home but do not want to change your home GP surgery. To register you'll need to fill out a temporary services form. After 3 months, you'll have to reapply to register as a temporary resident or become a permanent patient. You may also be able to register as a temporary resident if you are visiting from abroad. If your application is refused, you can still receive any treatment you need immediately for up to 14 days.

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Temporary registration

If you are staying with family or friends in the area and are in need of medical assistance, we are happy to help. You can register with us as a temporary resident for either: up to 15 days (short stay), or up to 3 months (long stay),depending on the length of your visit. You will need to complete the Temporary Resident Form below before your appointment. Any consultations you receive during this time will be passed on to your registered GP for their information.

Register - Temporary Resident Form

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