Lung Health Checks in Blackpool

People living in Blackpool, who are between 55 and 74 and have ever smoked will be offered an NHS Lung Health Check. This is an ‘MOT for your lungs’ to see if they are in good working order.

People will be invited by their GP practice and will start to receive their invitations from July 2021 onwards.

If you are eligible, your GP will send you a letter inviting you to make a Lung Health Check appointment.

Your NHS Lung Health Check will take place over the telephone. They are led by specialist nurses and will last approximately 30 minutes. You’ll be asked some questions about your breathing and overall health.

If you want to reduce the amount you smoke, we can give you advice and can talk to you about the support that is available. You will have time to talk to the nurse and ask questions.

As part of the check, you may be offered a low dose CT scan at a later date, if any risks have been identified.

An NHS Lung Health Check can help to spot any problems early – often before you even notice that anything is wrong. If a problem with your breathing or lungs is found early, treatment could be simpler and more successful.