Non-NHS Services

Requesting a letter from your GP

Patients request letters from their GP for a number of reasons and our doctors are frequently asked to provide private or ‘To Whom it May Concern’ letters or reports for third parties. The usual fee for a standard letter is a minimum of £40. Although more complicated letters or reports may attract a higher fee.

Why is there a charge?

The cost of these letters and reports are not covered by the NHS. They are completed during the GP’s own time and as such there is a fee payable. All letters require the doctor to take time to review a patient’s medical records to ensure that the information provided is correct, then the doctor has to dictate the letter, and finally the admin team has to type and print it.


Private letters and reports do not take priority over NHS work. Please allow up to 28 days for any requests to be fulfilled.


We will not accept requests for ‘the doctor must write these exact words’. The GP will write what they know, supported by your medical record. Both the letter and the opinion they produce is final and you cannot request changes to be made. The GP has the right to refuse your request or provide alternative wording if they feel it is necessary.

If you insist on the GP changing your letter to suit what you think it should say, or if you want to dictate the contents, we will withdraw our offer to write the letter. Please remember, the doctor is not obliged to write a letter for you at all, as this is not an NHS requirement.

Appropriate requests

We will try our best to help you, here are a few examples of suitable and non-suitable requests

Examples of appropriate requests:

  • Fitness to travel or if you are having to cancel a holiday
  • Confirmation of medical conditions and / or medication
  • Letters for mitigating circumstances, school, universities, employers or courts, etc.
  • Letters to the Council/housing requirements

Examples of requests we cannot fulfil

  • Confirmation of address, ID or residence (we have no way to verify this)
  • Countersigning passport applications
  • Letters stating something that is not supported by your medical record

Are you requesting a letter to support your benefit claim?

If you are requesting a letter to support your benefit claim, you may stand a better chance of success following the guidance given on the website below rather than by submitting a GP letter – appeals succeed based on comprehensive evidence. If more information is required regarding your health/medical conditions, the organisation who you have applied for benefits from will write to us directly asking us specific questions they have.

You may find this website useful:

Requesting a letter

Requests for letters must be put in writing and you must state clearly:

a) the reason for the letter

b) to whom it should be addressed

You can send your request for a letter to

Please note if you are emailing your request to us, you must include your full name, date of birth and address.

DVLA Medicals

Driving is a central part of most adults’ lives. It may not always be a pleasure but the sheer convenience of being able to go where you want when you want means that few of us would give up driving voluntarily.

However, some medical conditions prevent or impose restrictions on patients’ driving. The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) website directs the following unequivocal statement to drivers:

‘If you have a medical condition which has become worse since your licence was issued, or you develop a new medical condition, you must write and inform the Drivers Medical Unit of the nature of your condition, as it may affect your fitness to drive. Failure to do so is a criminal offence punishable by a fine of up to £1000.

Taxi Medical

If you require a Taxi Medical Highfield Surgery is providing Medicals on Friday mornings by appointment for £50.

If you require a Taxi Medical within 48 hours we can provide this as well by appointment only.

Non NHS Service Fees

Tier 1 – Simple letters for patients Cost Tier 2 – Simple certificates (Basic statements) Cost
Housing letter £40.00-£50.00* Vaccination certificate £40
Fitness to Fly letter N/A Gym cancellation £40
Exam board letter £40.00 Private sicknote £40
Fit to play sport letter £40.00 Private prescription £40
Fit for TV / Acting letter £40.00
 To whom it may concern letter £40.00    
Tier 3 – Reports (more detailed claim forms) Cost Tier 4 – Medical Examinations Cost
Fitness to Travel certificate £100 Taxi Medicals £50
Health Insurance claim form £100 Drivers – HGV, PCV, LGV, Diabetic, Forklift Truck Patient Paying – £100
Holiday Cancellation form £100 Fitness to travel examination and report Patient paying- £100
Firearms license report £100 Pre-employment medical Patient paying £100
Fitness to attend medical – No examination  £100 Fitness to attend Medical e.g. Sports, Dance, Drama Patient paying £100
Fitness to drive £102.09
Medical Reports Cost
Insurance company report £150
Supplementary report £50
Insurance report for patients taken ill abroad £150
Medical report Report completed in 20 working days 10 working days 5 working days
Private medical report £100 £150 £200
Other Charges Cost
Childminder Health Form – OFSTED Forms £100
Power of Attorney (consultation & form completion/visit and form completion) £150 for consultation – £300 for home visit