Test results

You can obtain test results by phoning us on 01253 204672 though please call after lunch (when the phones are less busy).

Should a test result be abnormal or there have been found to be issues with your test you will be informed by the surgery.

Please note, it is the patients responsibility to request any results of their tests. Should test results be returned as normal and symptoms are still unexplained then a follow up appointment will need to be booked. GPs are unable to call/discuss results outside of scheduled appointments.


If you have been asked to leave in a sample, you will find a box for this purpose at the end of the reception counter. Don’t forget to mark the sample with your name, if it is not already written on the container. If you have been asked to provide a sample in a large container, please hand it to the receptionist. You can put the container in a carrier bag for modesty if you prefer. Only samples requested by the surgery will be accepted, any samples left without a clinical indication will not be processed.

Telephone messages

We never leave confidential patient information on telephone messages. If the surgery has information for you, even if it is only a negative test result, we will leave a message asking you to phone in. The person who leaves the message will have left a note on our system to say what the call was for.